Urban antiquarian, traveler, and picture taker Steve Duncan has actually been exploring the underground universe of drains , passages, and trams for a considerable length of time. Going beneath universal metropolitan communities including New York city, Los Angeles, London, and Paris, he has remarkable info of numerous underground universes. He has actually facilitated the Discovery Channel program Urban Explorers and has in addition appeared on the History Channel as a committed master on the subject of New York city City’s underground. With that knowing and ability , Duncan conveys these intensive assessments to the over the ground world through his photos . He alters regularly dim and dim concealed structures, so every so often passed, into captivating and responsive scenes.

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Photo by Steve Duncan – steve@undercity.org – (646) 734-7067

s Cathedral. The Fleet is a tributary of the Thames flowing through downtown, which was put underground and combined with the sewer system in the 19th century. Fleet River, London, England, 11/14/07.
Beautiful arched foundation supports in the underground Bradford Beck River. We believe that this is underneath Bradford City Hall, a huge Victorian-era building that was the pride of the town when it was built in the 1880s. Bradford Beck, Bradford, England, 2007. This was an incredible underground river, flowing about 4 miles underground through a wide variety of tunnel architecture and building foundations.

Photo by Steve Duncan. www.undercity.org, www.steveduncanphotos.com

s development– in the earliest days, it was split into two before going into the Thames, and Westminster Abbey was built on the little island of higher ground this created. Tyburn River, London, England. 11/14/07
Amazing un-reinforced, rough-rock tunnels holding telecom cables in Stockholm– I loved seeing these. Sweden, 2007.

Tibbetts Brook, Bronx, NY


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