The above mentioned link provides some incredible SOL pictures of Mary Ellen Matthews, who is a New York city based expert photographer. He is the person , who is accountable in sharing the popular Saturday Night Live (SOL) pictures. With his developments of highly stylized images, he has mesmerized innumerable audiences considering that 1999. He has been the one keeping that unique appearance we’ve all come to value. He has actually been dealing with numerous type of people varying from political leaders to sports personalities and possesses the rare ability of bringing out the best side of each character and this is the real USP of his imaginative abilities he has actually displayed in the current times.

So check out Mary Ellen Matthews you always wanted.

If you’re trying to check for Saturday night live photos, you have come on the awesome web page. Via: My Modern Met

Ellen Page

Natalie Portman

Amy Adams

Anne Hathaway

Scarlett Johansson

Kate Winslet

Eva Longoria

Tina Fey

Megan Fox

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Jonah Hill

Jon Heder

Seth Rogan

Jack Black

Jude Law

Ben Affleck

Brian Williams

Tom Hanks

Paul Giamatti


Will Ferrell

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