New Orleans-based aesthetic artisan Heather Hansen investigates the consolidated specialty of painting and advancement for her test endeavor titled Emptied Motions. Like a vibrant implementation piece , the craftsman uses her body to overview task on a two-dimensional surface . Instead of making use of any brushes or different tools she takes care of business , moving the plain color with her very own body. The item is videotaped, controlled , by image taker Bryan Malinowski who captures Hansen’s remarkable move like advancements . The artisan’s stretched out appendages find out ways to track and also assist their own particular developments into the sheet below her.

So start looking for kinetic movements today.

If you are looking for artist track 6, you have actually land on the perfect blog post. Via : MY MODERN MET


Heather Hansen: Website | Behance
via [Devid Sketchbook]

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