After we discovered Taste the Rain, the flawless bark figure by UK-craftsman Anna Gillespie, we understood we needed to capture up with another post to demonstrate her full collection of work. Taste the Rain is a piece of a continuous ecological plan where Gillespie takes product tumbled from trees, similar to oak seeds, leaves and bark, and makes capable figures of the human structure and its confused association with nature. Her years of diligent work are coming full circle in another show at Beaux Arts exhibit in Bath which occurs from October 15 to November 10. We were sufficiently lucky to reach Anna who sent us these reviews together with a couple of information of specific pieces you can intend to find at they appear. Click link.

So start looking for Anna Gillespie today.

If you are browsing for Anna Gillespie, you have land on the remarkable website. Via: MY MODERN MET

Mask I
Acorn cups, mixed media 27cm x 11cm x 10cm

Beaux Arts Bath website


Anna Gillespie’s website and Facebook page

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