English photo taker Christopher Swan captures amazing shots of cetaceans like whales and dolphins both above and beneath the surface area of the sea. With more than 25 years of experience leaping and running whale-and dolphin-viewing events the world over, the photo taker has actually ended up being finely responsive to the practices of these glorious animals, empowering him to roam near them for close and enlightening representations. Swan’s fascinating pictures are bordering on moderate in appearance , concentrating on tidy production. He uses unobtrusive tones to draw out the class of his topics really close. Some of his most existing pictures, which he imparted only to us, discover a high contrast trendy that Swan has been exploring different opportunities concerning of late.

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Gray whale (eschrichtius robustus) The eye of a gray whale. Pacific coast Mexico.

Blue jack mackerel and common dolphins (trachurus picturatus and delphinus delphis) Large numbers of dolphins attacking a dense ball of blue jack mackerel. Mid ocean Azores.
Gray whale (eschrichtius robustus) A gray whale feeding at the surface and showing it’s baleen. Gulf of California.


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